How to Manually Read a Meter

How to Interpret the Meter Display 

The meter will display a six-digit number like 003151 on the LCD Display. This will indicate the amount of energy, in kWh (Kilowatt Hours) that has been used since the meter was new. The LCD display will show a reading of 000000 when it is new and increment as energy is used.

It is normal for the LCD display to briefly blink every 5 seconds. The bottom left of the LCD Display will show an image of two squares and an arrow that flash in a sequence that represents the rate energy is currently being used.

If you are a Commercial or Solar Power member, the meter may have more items that will be displayed. To learn more about what these values represent, please give us a call. 

How to Match the Meter to Your Bill

Each meter has a unique meter number that is associated with your Hart EMC account. The six-digit meter number is located on the meter, under the LCD display, directly under the words “Hart EMC.” The meter number can also be found on your Hart EMC bill below the Total Due Now box.

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