Capital Credits

Hart EMC is organized as a not-for-profit electric membership cooperative and is owned by its members. As a cooperative, Hart EMC does not earn profits. Instead, any revenues and other income over and above the cost of doing business during a given year are considered “margins.” A percentage of the margins are allocated to each member of the cooperative who bought power from the utility during the year they were earned. Each retail member earns the same percentage on their purchases, although the actual dollar amount so “credited” will vary from members to member because it is based upon total individual annual purchases. Capital credits are retired approximately on a 20-year rotating cycle. Capital credits are credited to an active account or if there is not an active account, a check is mailed to the name and address in our records.

When capital credits refunds are issued, they are automatically sent to the name and address in our records. Many of the checks return to us because they cannot be delivered. We make every effort to locate the intended recipient or the executor of the estate if they are deceased.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

In compliance with O.C.G.A. 44-12-236 of The Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act, Hart EMC is attempting to locate former
members whose capital credit checks were issued in 2017, but which have been returned by the U.S. Post Office as “undeliverable
“or have otherwise been unclaimed. An alphabetical listing of these names is posted. To claim a refund, please contact Frances
Gaines at (800)241-4109. The last possible date to claim these funds is September 30, 2023, at 4 p.m. If these funds are not
claimed by this date, they will be donated for charitable uses, as permitted by O.C.G.A. 44-12-23

Unclaimed 2017

Click the above link to find the list of former members whose checks have been returned by the United States Post Office as “undeliverable” or have otherwise been unclaimed.

Capital Credits Refund Policy

It shall be the policy of Hart Electric Membership Corporation to make refunds of Capital Credits to its members whenever possible. Such refunds should be consistent with sound management practices and be consistent with the provisions of the Mortgage Contract with the Rural Utilities Service. Refunds of Capital Credits shall be on no less than a 10-year basis and shall currently be retired on approximately a 20-year rotating cycle. The only noted exception to this standard shall be for the retirement of capital credits to estates of deceased members outlined in Hart EMC Policy No. 303, Retirement of Capital Credits to Estates of Deceased Members on a Present Value Basis. If you are seeking a refund for a deceased family member please be ready to provide the Death Certificate and one of the following when contacting us:  Letter of Testamentary, form from Probate Judge, Year’s Support.

Please contact Frances Gaines directly at 706-567-1394 or by email at for more information.