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Right-of-Way Trainee
Posted August 9, 2023 | Open Until Filled


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Non-Discrimination Policy: It is the policy of Hart Electric Membership Corporation to afford equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, disabled veteran or Vietnam Era veteran status, or age (except where a bona fide occupational qualification exists). We will assure that qualified individuals are employed for all vacancies in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and all applicable statutory requirements.

Job Qualifications Procedure:

  1. Applications will be accepted only when there are available positions. Applicants must apply for specific positions, which are posted in the lobby on a bulletin board at each of the facilities. Each position requires a separate application. All positions will include the job title and minimum job specifications.
  2. The applicant’s qualifications must meet or exceed the listed minimum job specifications. Unsolicited resumes and/or applications will not be processed nor considered by Hart Electric Membership Corporation. Any unsolicited resumes and/or applications given to management will be immediately forwarded to the Human Resources Department.
  3. All candidates being offered employment will consent to employment reference checks, interviews by management, an employment entrance examination, and a drug test. Certain positions may require the successful completion of a Department of Transportation test.
  4. The hiring supervisor selects the candidate, with the CEO’s approval, and notifies the Human Resources Department. The selected candidate receives a verbal offer from the hiring supervisor, and if the offer is accepted; the Manager, Human Resources is notified for a written letter of offer.
  5. Upon acceptance of the written offer of employment, the Human Resources Department follows up with written documentation to each nonselected, interviewed candidate.
  6. Employment will be contingent upon the candidate successfully completing the employment entrance examination, drug test, and when applicable, a Department of Transportation test.
  7. Sound business practice dictates restrictions on the employment of relatives of employees or Directors, in accordance with the Employment of Relatives Policy.
  8. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the CEO.
  9. All representatives of Hart Electric Membership Corporation are made aware that employment with the Cooperative is “at will” and will exercise great care not to make any representations otherwise. Therefore, during recruitment, hiring and the orientation process, no statement shall be made promising regular or guaranteed employment.