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Hart EMC is pleased to offer several billing features and services to suit our members’ needs.

Click here for detailed information on paying your bill.

Outdoor Lighting
We offer a variety of different outdoor lights to meet your needs. To learn more about our outdoor lights and to see our pricing, click here.
Levelized Billing
Hart EMC offers Levelized Billing which allows the member the ability to budget spending by providing a bill that is close to the same amount every month. This is accomplished by taking the average of the current month and preceding 11 months bills. Click here to access form.
Going paperless has never been easier!
Hart EMC consumers may also receive their monthly statements via e-mail, eliminating the need for mailing a paper bill. The consumer can simply print out their bill and remit payment. Contact our office today to sign up at 800-241-4109
Alerts and Reminders
As a member of Hart EMC, you have the availability to receive alerts and reminders regarding your account. Often times, people forget the due date of their electric bill. Avoid falling into that crowd by setting up a reminder which will alert you up to 10 days prior to your due date. In addition, you may be a person that likes affirmation. Try our payment confirmation alert. You can choose to receive alerts and reminders via text and/or email. Contact our office today at 800-241-4109 with any questions regarding this feature.
Penalty Exemption
Hart EMC offers a penalty exemption form to qualifying consumers. This allows for additional time to pay a bill without receiving the $5.00 late fee. Please note, this does not prevent an account from receiving the $6.00 late fee. Please click here to access the form and see if your account is eligible.  Click here to access form.
GATE Cards
Many of our members qualify for the Georgia Agricultural Tax Exemption program (GATE). The Department of Agriculture issues a Sales and Use Tax Exemption certificate to individuals who qualify as farmers or agricultural producers. In order for Hart EMC to note your account as tax exempt, you must provide a copy of your GATE card each year. For more information about the Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption program, please visit the website at:
Manufacturing Form ST-5M
All members that qualify must provide a Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Form (ST-5M and ST-5M addendum) to Hart EMC so we can update your account to reflect your correct sales and use tax status. Sales and use tax exemption forms are available on the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website at:

Transfer Service

If you are transferring your service to a different location, you will need to first contact a Member Service Representative at 800-241-4109. You will be required to provide the 911 address of the new location and a copy of the lease or rental agreement for that property if you are renting. To ensure that we can provide service to the correct location, a meter number may be requested. Based on your credit history with us, you may be required to update your deposit.

Disconnect Service

To disconnect service, the member listed on the bill must contact Hart EMC to complete this request. Once your service has been disconnected, a final bill will be issued and if applicable, any available refund will be mailed to the address on file within 30 days. To request for your service to be disconnected or for more information, contact us at 800-241-4109.