Member Data Privacy

Protecting the privacy of our member-related data.

Over the past decade, advances in information technology, such as cell phones, faster internet speeds and WiFi, have greatly improved how we live and work. At Hart EMC, advances in similar technologies are being used to operate and monitor our electric system and are helping us accomplish the goal of providing our members with safe, reliable, and low-cost electricity.

Protecting your energy usage data.

Making sure member-related energy usage information remains confidential and secure has always been a priority for Hart EMC. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we will not disclose or sell any personally identifiable energy usage information without approval, except when required by law. We are committed to maintaining the privacy not only of our member-related energy usage data but of all electronic information associated with our electric system. This is central to our mission, and our systems are designed to meet the highest standards of cybersecurity.

What information do we collect?

Your new meter is still a measurement device, measuring how much electric energy you have used, not how you have used it. No member-identifying information is stored in the meter, nor is it transmitted by the meter. 

Your confidence in our ability to protect the privacy of our member-related data is important to us.
Earning and keeping the confidence of our members is what has enabled us to serve you for
more than 75 years.

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