Meter Upgrade

Meter Upgrade Project Summary

The management team at Hart EMC always strives to operate the cooperative in the most efficient way possible, providing reliable and low-cost electricity. To meet those goals, we use the technologies that best fit our operational strategies and the membership at large.

One of those technologies is known as AMI, which stands for Automated Meter Infrastructure. For many years, Hart EMC has used AMI to efficiently “read” 100% of the revenue meters in place. The “reading” of a meter is a daily process in which computer systems ask each networked meter for a value that represents how much electricity you used in the last 24 hours, from midnight to midnight.

Our current AMI system, installed in 2006, uses a method known as Power Line Carrier (PLC) to network the meters and transmit data. PLC sends the data up and down the power wires and is reliable and cost-effective. PLC is also an older technology and is being phased out by the manufacturer of meters and network equipment. The sunsetting of this technology is making the continued use of PLC too costly. 

So, to keep our system running efficiently, we are in the process of upgrading our AMI system. The new system will use a modern low-power Radio Frequency (RF) technology to network the meters. This RF technology is safe and secure and will provide decades of reliable operation.  

Starting in late 2020, technicians from Hart EMC or one of its contract partners will visit your home or business to upgrade – that is, replace – your meter. No action on your part is required. Once underway, we plan to have everyone upgraded within one year. 

To schedule your upgrade or for concerns about your upgrade call the meter upgrade line at 877-826-8465.

Please follow the links below or the navigation at left for more information about the various parts of the upgrade process, including how we are handling the health and safety of our members and employees during these difficult times.