Network Equipment Installation

 Network Equipment on pole

Along with our AMI system upgrade, we are upgrading the communication network that will be used to support our daily meter operations.

This network equipment uses a modern low power radio frequency (RF) technology to allow our computer systems to communicate with meters and other utility equipment. The technology being used by this network is not 5G or 4G cell phone technology that you may have seen in the news recently. This network provides safe, reliable, and secure communication to “read” each meter daily while also allowing us to retrieve diagnostic and engineering data.

To upgrade the communication network, we have been working over the past few months to install devices called “relays” throughout our service area. These devices are small white boxes, with an antenna hanging below, mounted up high on some of our existing poles. The relays are placed on poles in specific locations throughout our service area to ensure reliable communication to all the cooperative’s networked devices.

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