Outage Reporting

Oh no, the lights just went out! What to do now?

  1. Just give us a call, we here 24/7 to help. call 800-241-4109.
  2. If you have an Online Billing account you can let us know about the outage after you login.
  3. Use the Hart EMC billing app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Androids.

Mobile phone with alert triangle.

What do I need when I call?

  • Your account number would be great but if you don’t have it memorized that’s OK.
  • The name the account is listed as and the service address. If out have more than one account please let us know so we can send the repair crew to the correct location.

Sign up for Outage Notifications

No online account or app is needed for outage notifications. All we need is an email or mobile number. Follow this link for more details.