Outdoor Lighting
We offer a variety of different outdoor lights to meet your needs. To learn more about our outdoor lights and to see our pricing, click here for  OutdoorLightingContract
Surge Protection
Today’s homes have more appliances and electronics than ever before.  Hart EMC’s Surge Protection Program helps guard against power surges and lightning that can be a major concern for many homeowners.  This program is only $5.75 per month and is added to your electric bill. Call 800-241-4109 to sign up and start protecting your home today.
For more information about our current rebates, click here for Rebates-   or contact our Member Service department at 800-241-4109 or
Energy Audits
For more information about energy audits, contact Member Service department at 800-241-4109 or
Economic Development
For more information about the services available to either new or existing business customers, please contact Hart EMC’s Member Services Department at 800-241-4109 or send an e-mail to   Click here to learn more
Customer Choice
Customer choice enables most new customers with connected loads over 900 kW to choose their power supplier.  To determine if your business qualifies, call Hart EMC’s Engineering Department at 800-241-4109.
Underground Service
To learn more about your underground service options, click here