Right-of-Way Trainee


                 Right-of-Way Trainee



REPORTS TO:                    Right-of-Way Crew Leader
DIRECTS:                            None
LEVEL:                                 Non-Exempt

To provide the trimming and clearing of right-of-way of the distribution and transmission system.


The following requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. Some requirements may exclude individuals who pose a direct threat or significant risk to the health and safety of themselves or other employees.


Requires High School Graduate/Equivalent.


Requires ability to learn how to climb trees. Requires ability to learn the operation of the tractor and bush cutter; to master rigging and take-down skills. Requires proficiency in using and repairing power tools. Requires ability to learn the basic knowledge of first-aid. Requires ability to learn and maintain Hart EMC’s safety rules and regulations and policies and procedures. Requires excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills to effectively provide assistance to members. Requires ability to work overtime hours, as deemed necessary to complete assignments.


Requires the ability to obtain and maintain a valid Georgia Driver’s License, a Georgia Commercial Driver’s License, and a DOT Medical Card. Prefers a valid Class A Georgia Commercial Driver’s License. Requires the ability to successfully pass Hart EMC’s employment entrance examination and drug screen. Requires residency within Hart EMC’s service area.


Primarily field work with exposure to adverse elements of weather; strenuous physical activity, including heavy lifting; Requires flexibility to work overtime on short notice; Requires flexibility to work during emergency situations.

Requires physical ability in climbing, balancing, stooping, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, feeling, kneeling, fingering, grasping, talking, hearing, and defined very heavy work.

Visual acuity required as machine operator (b) and as mobile equipment operator (c).


Internal:  Two-way communication with Crew Leader for training and direction. Interaction with other crew personnel.

External:  Interaction with Hart EMC members. Demonstrates an awareness that the job exists to effectively serve each and every member, and at every opportunity to achieve increased member and public understanding for support of the Cooperative.




The following are the essential duties and performance standards of this position. The essential duties do not include marginal functions that are incidental to the performance of fundamental job duties. The scope and duties of a given position may change or be temporarily altered based on the business needs of Hart Electric Membership Corporation. This document does not create an “at will” employment contract.


The Right-of-Way Trainee:

1. Learns to perform the following right-of-way duties, as assigned.

    • Operates tractor and bush cutter equipment in relief capacity, as directed.
    • Learns to cut right-of-way with bush axe and trims trees in accordance with Cooperative specifications.
    • Investigates area prior to reclearing and advises immediate supervisor on entrances to pastures,fence locations and other possible hazards and damages to property.
    • Leaves member’s property in neat and clean condition by ensuring the pickup and chip ofbrush. Immediately reports unusual damages of property to Right-of-Way Crew Leader.
    • Reports any observed unsafe condition to the Right-of-Way Crew Leader.
    • Ensures assigned work is completed in accordance with RUS specifications and Hart EMC standards and specifications.
    • Becomes familiar with daily and weekly report procedures and assists with completion of reports accordingly.
    • Operates radio equipment when assigned; abides by the Federal Communications Commission’s rules and regulations when operating same.
    • Learns to properly read system maps.
    • Learns to perform and record herbicide applications.


2. Safely operates and maintains company cars, trucks and other equipment, as directed.

    • Ensures that assigned trucks, tools, tractors and other equipment are properly used and kept in good working condition and that any required repairs are reported to the Right-of-Way Crew Leader, as instructed.
    • Learns to perform daily vehicular or equipment servicing; including gassing, checking of oil and tires, greasing and cleaning of filters, as instructed.
    • Learns to make minor repairs on tractor or cutter, as directed by Right-of-Way Crew Leader.


3. Ensures safety awareness and the maintenance of safety standards for self and fellow crew


    • Learns and maintains current knowledge of Hart EMC’s safety regulations and ensure forestry crew compliance; takes corrective action, as needed.
    • Learns and maintains current knowledge of first aid and artificial respiration.
    • Learns and maintains compliance with traffic laws, safety rules and regulations.
    • Learns and ensures compliance with Federal motor carrier regulations and state DOT/Public Service Commission requirements.
    • Attends and participates in job safety and other training programs.


 In addition to performing the essential duties of the position, the Right-of-Way Trainee:

4. Interpersonal Skills

    • Demonstrates effective employee relations skills when interacting with other personnel without
    • Regard to race, sex, disability, national origin, color, religion, age, or veteran status.
    • Maintains a professional and courteous manner.
    • Participation, teamwork, and an open and cohesive work environment are supported.

5. Attendance and Promptness

    • Reports to work at designated time and has regular acceptable attendance.
    • Provides availability for extra duty as required.
    • Volunteers for overtime when needed.

6.Work Quality

    • Accurately and thoroughly performs job duties.
    • Completes work with a minimum or no errors.
    • Evaluates and considers results of job responsibilities.

7. Business Appearance

    • Dresses appropriately for the position based on Cooperative standards.

8. Job Effectiveness

    • Demonstrates self-motivation.
    • Demonstrates effective planning and organizing skills.
    • Effectively sets priorities and performs in an efficient manner.
    • Completes primary job functions without duplication of efforts.
    • Demonstrates self-discipline without supervision.

9. Self-Development/Technical Knowledge and Skills

    • Demonstrates current technical job knowledge and skills for effective performance of position duties.
    • Progresses in previously communicated performance improvement.
    • Demonstrates initiative to acquire additional knowledge for effective job performance.

10. Effective Communication

    • Demonstrates proficient oral and written communication skills.
    • Demonstrates effective listening skills prior to taking action.
    • Communicates to supervisor in all matters which affect their duties.
    • Effectively learns and accepts the Cooperative’s practices, concepts, policies, and procedures.





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