Outage Analysis

If you are with a Public Safety department or the Media, or just a curious member, the outage analysis page should provide you all the data you need on previous outage events. For questions on how to interpret the data chose the help icon [?]. If you need more information just give us a call. For comments or problems email the webmaster.

Outage Trend Outage Trend Help

Number of Outages by Date and Time

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The Outage Trend is a graph that shows the number of member locations out of power for the last 3-4 days with the initial focus on the last 24 hours. Use the handles on the top graph to change the focus of the main graph. The down arrow allows you to save or print the graph.

The information is updated every 5 minutes and the graph data is in 5 minutes intervals. This number consists of the number of locations involved in managed outages and the number of outage reports that are not yet part of a managed outage.

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Post Event Reports Post Event Report Help

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Total Affected
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The Post Event Report will give you the outage metrics for the past FULL one, three, and seven days. For example if you look at the report on a Friday you will get a report for the previous Thursday. The three day report  will cover the previous Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The seven day report will include a full week, starting on Friday and going through Thursday. The county values are the TOTAL number of member locations out of power for that period. For example, if the number is 300, then 300 different locations were out, and maybe not at the same time. The High Outage Mark (HOM) is the highest number of locations out that were out at the same time, and when it occurred.