Washington Youth Tour

Because of Covid-19, the 2021 Washington Youth Tour has been canceled.

The Rural Electric Youth Tour brings more than 1,300 high school students to Washington, DC, every year, since the early 1960s. To date, 40,000 students from rural areas and small towns all over America have participated in this unique program.

Students on the tour learn about electric cooperatives, American history and U.S. government. They attend educational seminars, visit with their representatives in the House and the Senate, and see the sights around Washington.

Students are selected for this program by their local electric cooperative through the overall strength of the applicant. If you want to join this Washington tradition, contact your local rural electric cooperative or high school career center for additional information. Students compete for the opportunity to participate by submitting an essay.

If you would like more information on the Tour, you can visit the NRECA’s website.

Hart EMC’s Involvement

Each year Hart EMC selects two students to participate in an all-expense paid summer trip to Washington. An outstanding opportunity to see your nation’s capital at work, the hundreds of students who attend from around the country get a unique view of how their government works, including some behind the scenes visits with their legislators. Of course, there are plenty of tours of  great monuments and museums. The dates of the 2020 Washington Youth Tour are June 18-June 25.  Eligibility requirement are listed below:

  1. Be a sophomore, junior, or senior in good standing with your school.
  2. Be 16 years of age by June 1, 2021.
  3. Have parent’s written consent.
  4. Parent(s) or guardian(s) have to be Hart EMC full-time residential members.

To apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please complete the  2020 Washington Youth Tour Application  and submit it by February 14, 2020.

Interested students who would like to sign up, should contact our Member Service Department or send an email to angie.brown@hartemc.com.