Project Share

Project SHARE is a program that gives emergency assistance to Georgians who need funds for basic necessities. Many of these necessities may mean the difference between life and death and include:

  1. Basic housing
  2. Food
  3. Medical care
  4. Utility services including water, gas and electricity.

The program helps the elderly, the disabled and the ill as well as others who find themselves in financial hardship. Project SHARE has helped thousands of Georgia families since it began in 1985. Project SHARE was created by the Salvation Army and is designed especially for people with true hardships.

How Does Project SHARE Operate?

Project SHARE is administered by the Salvation Army. Locally, Project SHARE funds are handled by the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) with eligibility requirements being set by the Salvation Army. The program is funded by voluntary contributions made by Hart EMC members and by other utility customers throughout Georgia. The money you give returns to the county where you live to help emergency needs at the local level– your money goes to help your family, friends and neighbors when they are in need.

How Can You help with Project SHARE?

To participate in this program and become part of the network of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”, all you have to do is pledge to contribute $1, $2, or $5 monthly in addition to your power bill. Hart EMC will make it simple and easy by adding the amount of your pledge to your monthly bill. If you would like to sign up, please contact our Member Service Department or send an email to

The Salvation Army's Project Share in Georgia

For more information about either the Salvation Army or Project Share, click the Salvation Army logo.